Savage Worlds: The Witcher


The Witcher es el nombre que se le da a la saga de fantasía del escritor polaco Andrzej Sapkowski. Su protagonista, Geralt de Rivia, es un brujo, un mutante con la misión de cazar los monstruos que acechan en las sombras.

Su mundo es un lugar oscuro y siniestro, muy interesante para una partida, de ahí que lo haya adaptado para Savage Worlds, un sistema ágil y sencillo.

En la primera partida usé exclusivamente el Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition, aunque desde aquella he ampliado las notas originales para reflejar mejor el mundo de Geralt.

En diversas entradas iré presentando la conversión del mundo de Geralt a las reglas de Savage Worlds, y aquí las tenéis recopiladas para localizarlas con mayor facilidad.


Finalmente, he redactado una versión recopilada en PDF que podéis consultar en el siguiente enlace

14 comentarios sobre “Savage Worlds: The Witcher

  1. Could you please, please, please with cream on top, do an english translation?
    Your rules seem to be very comprehensive but unfortunately I’munable to read it.

    1. Hi, the biggest problem with your request (aside of the time required) is that I’m not an native english speaker, so the results could be at least funny or strange. One option could be use Google translator (or an similar service) and try to fix any mistakes

      1. Thank you for your response.
        I found that automated translators can be very inaccurate so that I don’t understand the exact meaning. So if I would do it using a translator I’d be happy if you’d allow me to ask you for assistance in any case where there are critical problems.

    1. Thanks a lot, this still helps me a lot. The few words spanish I recall from school are less helpful but I’m still on it. I translated everything and edited a few things. (It’s not just a translation now, I hope you are okay with that.)
      Right now I stepped in to check something and found you have expanded the bestiary by a lot of creatures. Kudos for that! Thank you. But check your links. Start at G and work your way down. Until G everything is fine but from G on some links lead to the wrong entries.
      I also wanted to ask for permission to publish the complete translation including the editing. You will receive credit including name and a link to this page of course.
      I’ll let you know once I finished.

      1. I’m glad it served you. Thank you for notifying me of the links, I have corrected them.

        As for publishing it, for me, no problem, given that it is an fan conversion

      2. Hello SalieriC,
        did you publish the translation yet? I would be very interested in it (even made a wordpress account for this request ;))

      3. Unfortunately not. I’m still on it, but when I thought I could give it a proof reader I found that Rafael had extended his content. So I decided to first translate the new stuff but eventually university stuff and work came in the way. it’s currently on hold but I will continue the work on it in febuary. If I can find enough free time I could be done well before the end of febuary, so stay tuned. =)

      4. perhaps i could be of assistance to you for the remaining parts? I don’t know any spanish, but i could try to make some sense with an auto translator?

      5. That could be pretty useful. It’s not that difficult actually, once you know the attributes, skills and keywords it’s a breeze. The most difficult part are the names. Sometimes it’s hard to determine the english name of a creature but if you’ve played the games the pictures will help.

        If you could send me the stat blocks of the creatures as .pdf or .docx, it would help a lot. Start with Z and then go on reverse alphabetically. My mail adress: salieric [aaat] t-online [doooot] de

  2. Muchisimas gracias! Como siempre Savage Worlds no decepciona en cuanto a adaptaciones, me gusta más como pinta la currada que has hecho tú que el nuevo juego de The Witcher de holocubierta… xD Por casualidad tendrías las entradas organizadas en un pdf o un word? sería más manejable que ir mirando por el blog. Gracias un saludo y tremendo trabajo!

    1. Hola, perdón por el retraso por contestar, pero varias razones estuve muy desconectado

      Con respecto a tu pregunta, que a lo mejor ya has visto respondida, tengo que decirte que si, hay un documento recopilatorio y está subido al blog. Si no es la última entrada, será la penúltima

      Espero que te sirva de ayuda


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